Tradeshow Follow-Ups

Your trade exhibit may have been successful in generating leads for your company, however to get actual results from those leads, follow ups need to be carried out. Many companies prefer to tie up with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION for this purpose, seeing that we have the expertise and a proven track record of success. We make contact with prospective customers and clients before and after the show and use the best telemarketing programs for this purpose.

Why would you want to tie up with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION? Well, staff resources at your company could do without the strain of having to conduct follow ups. Also, your staff will first have to be trained for the purpose. Even if you decide to recruit new people for this task, you will have to conduct interviews and then train them for your particular purpose. All this hiring and firing of people can be avoided. Keep in mind that if you want to do this in-house you will also need a technical setup for the purpose.

Instead, at a portion of the cost you would incur at doing this yourself, you can opt to tie in with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION. Our skilled callers can be trained for your specific purposes within a few days and can get to work right away. Also, they are all experienced veterans, capable of dealing with the most difficult of people. They will call your target audience before the show and welcome them to your exhibit and then after the show, they will follow up and collect comments and suggestions from them.

We can also confirm their investments in the company, and organize phone transfers to your sales division, for instant sales. We provide a full range of solutions, right from script provision, verifying databases and reporting.

Our agents are carefully selected for your particular business, they are all proficient in English and we can provide for other languages as well. We also pay attention to the way the call is conducted and train them to use NLP during the interaction. We also provide constant quality control. Each and every call is monitored and recording made for quality checks. You will have access to these so you can check for yourself.

As soon as leads are gathered, the team is then trained for the post-exhibit call. These follow ups can confirm potential sales and increase sales by up to 50%. Once the customer is confirmed, then the meeting is set up with your sales team.