Telemarketing Services

Using the telemarketing services provided by AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION can bring you numerous advantages. This is because we have the best agents and technology to propel your business sales to the forefront. Your sales team needs the best leads and connection to complete their sales. It is not just about getting you a larger number of leads, but about getting you the best quality leads. The kind of sales leads, that actually deliver success to your business.

We locate and contact the top level decision makers. These are the people who can influence market trends and movements. Our agents receive training with NLP and other processes so that they can establish and maintain contact with these people. We expand your target market and audience. We can open up markets off shore for you as well taking you global. All of our agents are proficient in English and we also provide multi-lingual agents as per your requirements. We do not hire new recruits and trainees. We hire those who have prior experience in the field and are masters in the art of telemarketing. We have identified the major contact in buying circles. Each of these, be they enquirer, influences or others have to be tackled differently. Each of them must be brought within the loop so that you can get confirmed leads and generate more interest about your products and services.

The benefits of using AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION’s services for your company are numerous. Our agents can get you sales appointments, conduct surveys so that you can understand what it is your clients expectations are, we can also get you leads for future leads. We also help you identify who are the real decision makers from the target audience and market. Telemarketing makes for instant interaction, resulting in speedy sales and faster growth. We can also transfer calls straight to your sales department. We can also tweak your website so that you can offer your services and products online.

We also setup and run business campaign for you, running B2B and B2C campaigns. In B2B business campaigns we put you in contact with the leaders in the field. And in B2C campaigns we get you in touch with customers with the power to push your company business through the roof.

We focus on product and services that you offer. Our agents are trained regarding your services and are capable of answering any queries that your clients may have. We focus on getting you concrete sales leads and helping your clients make decisions as well. Our agents are examined and tested before they start attending to calls.

We also compile and maintain databases and reports. You will be provided with secure access to these tables so that you can measure for yourself how your services are working for you. We come up with concrete scripts and database formats prior to executing any programs. These are tested, quality checked and then put into use. The entire structure is flexible to accommodate changes at later stages. We also offer options for predictive dialler that will increase your contact rate and efficacy.