Technical Help Desk

Often explaining to your clients and customers, the complex workings of your product and services is difficult. And the last thing that you want, is a customer walking away dissatisfied and confused. People dislike it if a company representative is unable to answer their questions clearly and in a concise manner.

Our AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION call agents are trained specifically for handling any calls and questions regarding your services and products. Irrespective of the nature of your business, and the complexities of your services and products, they can handle any nature of queries.

With our advanced technology structured around maximizing internet capabilities, they will deliver precise and accurate answers to your clients, ensuring that they are satisfied that their enquiries have been dealt with effectively. We offer these services at a fraction of the cost it will take for you to train independent call operatives, and quality is assured. Also, these services will be made available around the clock. We also offer services for pre-sales and post-sales technical support.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION can make available to you technical help desk support in varied formats, including email, telephone and live web conferencing. We have the staff to deal with any nature of business, be it computer hardware and software manufacturing, supply, loan, insurance, health and other types of companies.

Our staff are experienced and undergo intensive training in technical knowledge and soft skills to ensure that your clients receive top quality responses. AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION also offers personalized programs that integrate with the nature of your business and match your requirements. Our staff are educated as to the nature of your company, the company vision and your objectives.

Also all calls will be monitored and evaluations carried out on a regular basis to ensure that quality of the calls is maintained. Your callers will get personalised attention and swift responses. Also, the programs we design for you can perform a variety of other functions, say order processing, loans, claims and more.

We also deliver results in the shortest time span possible. This ensures that your investment starts paying for itself almost right after initiation. We also ensure that the loyalty of your client base is strengthened. Our call agents are also trained to subtly market any new goods or services that your might choose to introduce. Also, the framework is designed so as to maintain flexibility to respond to changing situation and dynamics within your company.