Seminar Attendance, Invites and Registration

Seminar Attendance

So you have just held a seminar. And though lots of hard work and effort was put in, the results that you want have not manifested themselves. Well, that does not mean that you never hold seminars again. Your seminar might have been excellent, but not marketed properly. The first thing that you might need to look at is your database. Add to that your prospect list. When you send out emails announcing your seminar, make sure those emails go to people who will most likely attend. You need to ensure that your target audience is reached, the people who are looking for your services or products. Also, these emails need to be sent out at the right time. Sending them far in advance is not a good idea. Most people would have forgotten about your seminar by the time it is held. You might also want to consider charging a fee for your seminar, research shows that people take these seminars more seriously.

Seminar Invites

Besides organising the details and logistics of your seminar, you also need to look at who will be attending. AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION can use outbound telemarketing to get word of your seminar out. AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION will contact the people who are most likely to attend and also bring in maximum benefit to your company. For this you need the right B2C and B2B databases which we can compile for you. Insufficient amount of data or incorrect data can cause you loss. So tie up with us to ensure that your interests are protected. We also compile and provide your guests with the relevant information in the form of PDFs. The script for the outbound telemarketing is created and only after it receives your final approval is it emailed out. A badly written script can cause untold damage. Hence it is perfected and tested before implementing it. The email template also follows a similar procedure check for quality and effectiveness. We can also handle payment collection, in case your event is a paid one.

Seminar Registration

We can also improve registration for your seminar using email and telemarketing services. We maintain the highest quality is all our endeavours. Our focus is to get you the best out of your event. We help maximise your returns by organising sales meetings during and after the seminar. We also follow up on leads generated during the seminar. We use new and creative methods of marketing and advertising to improve attendance. We also use resources provided judiciously so as to get the maximum benefit out of them. We also create programs with which you can easily evaluate your final results and records.