Mailing/Event Follow-Up

You have just finished hosting a successful event, and have secured a record number of signups. But to turn those numbers into actual sales is not that easy. But it can be achieved through following up, right after the event. Most businesses make the mistake of getting back to their potential clients weeks after the initial contact. By this time, the customer has often forgotten about your service or product and they usually have lost interest. Another error they make is of using email. Most people will not respond to a computer generated mass email.

Studies have shown that with regular follow-ups, your signups will become actual dedicated clients. However, these follow ups have to take place right after the event and you might need multiple follow ups before the result shows. It would be expensive to set up an in house team to handle these follow ups. If you opt to tie up with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION, you save yourself money and time and still get the desired results.

Also what is needed is an extensive database with all the information and details regarding the people who signed up at the event or conference. Also, this needs to be updated after each and every follow up. It needs to be cleaned up and there needs to be clear and constant communication between your sales so that they can take action on any new information that may emerge from the follow up calls.

Also, these calls can be used for survey purposes as well, so that you get to know what your clients expect and are looking for from your service or product. This can also be used at a later stage so that you can create new services and products.

We also provide you with staff who can talk to anyone! Your customer base is made up of a diverse range of individuals and it takes skill to connect with them. Our call agents are trained to give your customers clear, concise information. Using telemarketing services also ensures that your potential customers feel personally connected to you and are likely to become long term committed clients. Our agents also collect information from your clients. This information can give you an idea of prospective market trends and changes and you can prepare for these in advance. Knowing the mind of the customer can be of great use at a later stage as your company expands.