LPO and transcriptions

The concept of legal process outsourcing has become big in the last few years. It saves large firms from doing the drudge work of documentation and paper support. Processes like reviewing documents, research and writing can be outsourced to companies in your area or even across the world. This frees up staff at the law firm to focus on the more important tasks, like fighting cases and coming to settlement. Besides the time saving factor, it often costs less to outsource to outside companies.

With AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION you will be given the best support for your LPO services. We have legal teams that can handle any documentation, research and review tasks or other jobs that you might have for them. You will not have to spend money on training new recruits or students to do this work. Also, since the people we use already have experience in all this work, you avoid the ‘teething’ trouble that comes with new recruits.

Since the economy is not performing too well, you might be looking for cost-cutting measures, without compromising on quality of work. All you do is pay for the actual work done without having to worry about monthly salaries, stipends, incentives or other costs for new employees. AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION has established itself as a market leader in the field of LPO processes. In case any work that you send, needs specialised knowledge and action, training sessions are carried out so that the results are exactly what you would need and desire.

We maintain complete client confidentiality and use ethical practices. You will never have to worry about your customers being compromised.

We also offer legal transcription services. This way, all you have to do is send us the dictation records from your meetings and sessions. Our agents will transcribe them and send them back to you with no errors. We have legal professionals on our teams with complete knowledge of legal processes and jargon. They will transcribe the records in the required format and send it to you as soon as possible. The transcription will be easily understood, clear, precise and accurate. We have high standards of accuracy and quality checks are run on a regular basis to ensure that the work is of the highest standard and that all your records are well organized. The language and grammar will be impeccable, the records clear and through.