Live Chat Support

We live in the internet age, where most contact between people has been reduced to a website and clicking on link buttons. However studies have shown that the ‘personal’ element is still important. After all, we are humans and we like to talk to other people, even if the topic of conversation can be easily handled over the computer. If you are focusing on ensuring that your company grows, then adding a live chat support would incorporate that ‘personal’ touch and endear you to your consumers. It can also be used to expand your business.

Your customers can reach out and talk to your live chat staff, getting all their questions answered in real time and by real people. This is far more reassuring to them than an email answering their queries. This increases their confidence in your company and also is great for improving ‘word of mouth’ marketing. People are more likely to talk about your company if they have had a conversation with a representative from your live chat support. Most people will not talk about emails they receive. Your brand name will be improved and your loyal customers will become your ambassadors!

Also, live chat support can be used as an effective sales module to promote your services and products.

Tying up with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION will prove beneficial for you as we provide you with trained call agents who have perfected their soft skills and understand the nature of your business completely. We already have the required setup in place, thus saving you high investment costs. Also, our operatives are all experienced and they know how to turn that interaction with your clients into a window of opportunity, to strengthen and consolidate your brand. With their experience in the field, the call agents are capable of handling all manner of individuals, including the aggressive and indecisive variety.

Another advantage of live chat support is that it provides speedy resolution to any problems or queries your clients might have. Also, our agents have received training in sales as well, so they can turn even simple enquiries into actual sales. With our provisions for around-the-clock access, allows our agents to handle any concerns that your clients might have as soon as possible. You will have far greater capability to get and keep customers through live chat support than simply through your website and email provisions.