Inbound and Outbound Calls

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION specializes in making telemarketing programs for small and new businesses. If you are just starting out and trying to establish yourself in the market, it is necessary to have a team to handle calls from and to your company for marketing, sales, partnerships and other reasons. However deciding to have an in-house team can mean use of large amounts of funds and resources for recruiting, training, technological setup etc. These funds can be better utilized in other parts of your company.

We have already recruited in the best call agents in the field and can train them for your inbound and outbound call needs at a fraction of the cost that you might incur otherwise. Also, we already have the setup and the space, so you save money on that as well. Our agents can make sure they are available at all times and will answer all calls swiftly and efficiently. They are all highly trained in soft skills so that all callers will get personal attention which satisfies. You can focus on other sectors of your business that require your personal expertise with complete peace of mind. We also tie up with your sales department, to make sure that you get concrete sales leads and appointments that convert into actual sales.

Our inbound services can also assist your customers with any decisions they have to make. Often, customers prefer to place orders via the phone or by live chat, as they can get their questions answered in real time.

Outbound calling is used for advertising and marketing purposes. As a new company looking to grow, this is a process that you need to have. Outsourcing your telemarketing services to AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION is beneficial for you in the long run. We have an experienced and talented staff who can handle any kind marketing needs you might have. We hire those who have already worked in the field. We would never compromise our clients by using amateurs. We offer the best in working conditions and salaries to our agents; which means that at the time of recruitment, the best in the field apply. All of our call agents have prior sales experience and training. We will provide you with those who have experience in your particular field.

Also with the latest in technology, our technological machinery is state of the art. We are also constantly updating our systems, so that our setup is never rendered old or obsolete. This way we can ensure that your business interests are protected.