Exhibition Invites & Registrations

Exhibitions take an incredible amount of time and effort to organize. And that’s why it is so important that you get the right amount of attendance. But to achieve this, it takes a little planning beforehand. It is a project by itself, and rather than try to setup another in-house team to handle this, tie up with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION. We deliver results.

We can estimate and confirm numbers for your exhibition by using outbound telemarketing. Your prospective guests are contacted to confirm their attendance, in some cases to convince them to come. You want the right kind of people to attend, not just numbers to fill up the place. So we ensure that the people who attend are the ones that make up your target audience. While you can opt to provide us with your own database, we can collect the target data on your behalf as well. Regardless of the type of exhibition, be it a B2C or a B2B exhibition, we make sure that the right people come. You need to ensure that you have enough data available even before the exhibition.

The call agents will be briefed regarding products and services. This information should also be provided to us in PDF format, so that we can pass them onto our email marketing team to send to the clients beforehand. Scripts and email templates are prepared, and once you have approved them, they are acted upon.

We also ensure that registration numbers are also pushed, by making use of email marketing in collaboration with telemarketing. We ensure that the process is monitored and each step is planned before execution. Our objective is to maximize your return from the exhibition. We provide the additional support you need. Also, you can opt for us to organize sales meeting during the exhibition itself. We also can collect leads and if you desire, follow up on them. It is needed especially when there are a large number of leads that need to be closed upon at the earliest. We can also provide assistance for collecting payments. Our focus is on helping you in delivering perfect events in the least amount of time at lowest costs.