Event Invites & Registrations

A good event is only decided by the results that it delivers. However, though a lot of planning goes into location, setup and other aspects, planning for invites is often ignored. As a lot of companies have found to their chagrin, sending out a simple email is not enough. It can be disheartening to see few numbers at an event that a company has invested in. This can be avoided by using AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION’s services for event invites and registrations. This also helps you grow and expand on a database that is reliable and successful.

We provide for email marketing as well as telemarketing. The two processes combined together is a sure shot way of reaching the right kind of customers and in large numbers. It also helps as they are more likely to turn up! People are more likely to respond to a well drafted and presented email as well as a follow up call reminding them about the event.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION believes in working smart besides hard. Thus, we target the people who have the maximum capacity to make a difference to your business. You can provide us with the contact numbers of the prospective attendees, or we can create a database for you! AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION over the years has put together a database that holds the most reliable and efficient information, regarding any kind of business. You can benefit as we provide you with the lists of who are the most important people for you to know!

Before the calls are made or any emails sent out, we train our executives and agents with the relevant information to best market your event. They can handle all queries and questions. They are all proficient in English and capable to convincing even the most skeptical person to attend your event.

We also ensure that your registrations are taken care of. In case your event is a paid one, we provide for payment portals so that payments can be collected at the time of booking itself. Also we follow up after the event, so that the leads are maximized upon. We also provide for connecting client calls to your sales team, so that urgent sales are completed at the earliest. Our agents also help the client to decide and work towards turning any ‘no’ into a ‘Yes, I would like to invest.” All calls are monitored and the data reported to you on a regular basis. This is good preparation for the next event that you hold.