E-mail Marketing

There are many ways and methods to market your company and brand name now. The internet has opened up a rainbow of possibilities. You can set up a website where people can find your products and services when they come looking. Or else you can go to your target audience directly! E-mail marketing is a great way of establishing yourself in the minds of your potential customers, by approaching them first with what you have to offer. It is a great way to acquire new customers and remind previous customers that you are still around. It is easy for people to forget about what great service they had from you the last time, unless you remind them of it.

It may seem a simple enough task to write out an email and mail it to all and sundry. But if not executed properly it may backfire. Some companies are known as pests as they email everyone without exception. You do not want this kind of reputation. It makes sense to email only those who are deemed to be likely to fit your target audience profile. Also, the email needs to be structured and designed well enough to serve the purpose. AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION can help you fulfil these requirements. You need a creative email, which explains to the reader what it is you are offering, at first glance itself. Email is a great option as you can market yourself quickly and with less expense than if you used flyers or newspaper advertisements.

You can also have your email customized according to the client who is to receive it. This was you can deepen the relationship you share with your clients according to your needs. Higher profile clients need different emails than someone who might use your product or service only once. Newer customers’ need different emails that those who have been dealing with you for years.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION offers you options for monthly newsletters as well, so that you can keep your customers up to date on new developments. Also, you can use your email marketing program to run surveys and studies. By monitoring the replies you receive, you can evaluate which groups of clients respond to which kind of marketing and thus adapt accordingly. You can collect suggestions, reviews and comments from your clients as well.

This service can also be combined with telemarketing. This will generate new sales leads and appointments.