Email Answering Services

As a growing business, it is important that you make use of the internet and of emailing services to further your business interests. Email is also used to keep track and maintain databases of contacts, communications and more. However, if you neglect to keep on top of your emails and delay in replaying back, it might cost you in the long run. Partnering with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION will be a cost effective and a perfect option for your email answering services. We can handle all your requirements, be it from basic client e-mail answering, to advertising or broadcasting or even campaigns. We can custom build a service package depending on your company’s needs and requirements.

We assure you of the highest quality of our services. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with you and are aware that it will not be built based on sub-par services or shoddy management. All the emails we send out are thoroughly checked for viruses and spam. Often people block emails from particular companies from reaching them due to fear of worms and spam. We assure that this will never happen to your company. Your customers will happily open your emails to them, knowing that you take them and their time seriously and would not waste it by sending irrelevant emails.

We also have the setup and the trained staff to handle all the replies and communications regarding sales and marketing campaigns. Irrespective of whether the volume of mails is high or low, our team is ready and waiting to answer them promptly. They will reply to all queries intelligently, with accurate facts and figures.

Also, we can integrate programs in your email answering module that will collect statistics and information, leading to a comprehensive, effective data base for future use and reference. These programs will also provide information about demographics and potential emerging markets as well as customer reviews and suggestions. All this will blend in seamlessly into your present database infrastructure. Your information will be centralised and protected.

All your emails will be replied to. We will eliminate the junk mail and other spam that is just a waste of time. Also, the speed of our responses will assure your customers that they are valuable and their concerns and issues are being addressed. They will be far more satisfied that your company, product or service is the right investment for them.