Data Scanning and Entry

These days, it makes sense to delegate routine filing work to other companies. This way your employees do not have to do any of these routine, time consuming tasks and instead focus on doing their main work instead. Neither will you have to employ someone and pay a regular salary for these tasks. When you entrust your data scanning and data entry needs to AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION, you will get delivery on time, confidentiality maintained and value for your money.

Our data entry division at AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION offers a comprehensive list of various data services. You can opt for those which are needed at your company and as per your requirements. We guarantee accuracy of data, complete and concise entry, no errors and delivery on time.

You can opt for either online or offline data entry, image or book data entry. If you are a medical company or hospital, you can have specialized data entry for medical claims or patient records. Manufacturing companies can have customized packages for product registration, shipping document, subscription and other. For research purposes, we can create data bases for surveys, applications and others. We also offer double entry data options.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION will delegate a team of professionals to provide you with accurate and complete data. We also have advisory panels who can guide you on what will be the best plan for you. We work around the clock and also offer off-shore services. Thus, tying up with us for your data entry needs is a cost effective investment with speedy returns.

For huge, continuous projects, we structure a staff distribution pattern. We can transmit the work to you on a daily basis or on timelines you desire.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION also offers data scanning services. We can handle any format or size of paper records. This will include OCR scanning. All our processes are quality controlled. By reducing your paper documents to digital, you can back up data so it is never lost, and free up floor space in your company. It is also easier to locate and transfer documents. This can increase the efficiency of your office. All your data will be stored in a single system which can be password protected if you desire. It also helps in systemizing your structure for data collection and archiving.