Data Purchase B2C

The strength of a business is its database. While you might have your own database you can purchase Business to Consumer data from us. With our reach and collection of data over the years, we can provide you access to tons of new contacts. These are untapped market potential for your company. We offer you data of the highest quality. AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION has tie-ups with the best data suppliers in the country. Also, we can check these databases against your own so that there are no double entries and you only pay for the new contacts that we put you in touch with.

Our agents are constantly on the job to get more and more business clients for you. So your database will never stop growing. At the end of the day, irrespective of the quality of goods and services that you supply, if people are not aware of them, then you are not functioning to maximum capacity. Also, you need data that is concise, focused and provides you with concrete leads.

You need effective marketing, be it telemarketing or email marketing. With all the services that we provide for you, we drive the numbers in your database into thousands. We also work on consolidating the contacts in your database. You can be sure that you are the only person or company getting access to these databases that we formulate for you. We would not compromise on our ethics and brand name by giving you names that other companies already have access to.

Also, since we are in the business of generating leads, we are constantly receiving new data which is checked for quality even before it is entered into our files. Also, these databases can be provided to you in the format that you desire. We can also set up database systems for you. We will provide you with a secure access code to these databases. You can be sure that any data that you provide to us will also be protected. We also offer services for cleaning up and enhancing any data that you might already have.