Claims Leads

As an insurance company, you would prefer to be handling settlement of claims, rather than chasing leads. After all, your company is best suited towards settling all kinds of claims, be it accident, car, work-related and others. Rather than tracking down people who need to make these claims.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION has over the years, perfected the system of recognizing genuine leads. We have the relevant questionnaires ready and our agents can identity within the first few minutes of the call, whether the caller has a genuine claim. Also, we keep track of any accidents or incidents reported. We have tie-ups with major hospitals, pharmacies, repair shops and other enterprises that provide us with the relevant information. By weeding out the genuine claims from the numerous calls that you might receive or by tracking down the people who have genuine claims, we ensure that the only thing that your team needs to handle is settlement of their claims. We have all the procedures and processes in place to ensure that your sales conversion ratio increases dramatically.

We generate leads for road traffic accidents, wrist, arm, leg, whiplash, injuries at work and at home and a variety of others. We ensure that the leads we generate are of the highest quality. Often, people are unaware that they are entitled to claim for injuries that they have suffered. We use our experience in out-bound marketing to reach out to these individuals. Our agents talk to them about the likelihood of having their claim satisfied, why they should apply and what are the benefits. Often, people might not report a claim at work worrying that it might affect how they are treated. But that is often short-sighted as such people are suffering with the medical bills alongside the pain. So our agents are trained to convince people like these that there is greater good in claiming compensation.

We never pass on leads that another claim company might be handling. When we provide you with leads, you can be assured that no other company is receiving the same leads. We also handle the processing of the number of leads so that your team is able to cope with the numbers. As we understand that our benefit lies in a continued relationship with your company, we work hard to see that we deliver the best quality leads.