Call Centre Services

All businesses are opting for call centre services to increase their market reach and to give them a competitive edge. But it is a tricky process, as a badly managed program can cause you to alienate customers. However a good call centre can increase your customer base, increase profits and allow you to expand your business into new locations as well. There are two processes essentially- inbound and outbound.

Inbound calls are calls made by the customer to the centre. An example may be a call to customer care or the help desk. Outbound calls are calls made to customers and potential customers. This would come under telemarketing, sales, surveys or verification services.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION provides both these processes, besides marketing and sales solutions so as to optimize your business potential and achievement. Our services are available all around the clock. We provide our customers with cutting edge technology and business programs that will ensure that your company will grow for years to come. Your time, funds, staff and resources will be utilized to maximum efficiency.

Our call centre agents are equipped and trained to handle any and all components of telemarketing programs.

It takes skill and training to reach out to people and capture their attention. Doing it over a phone line is that much harder. Our operatives are trained to convert a person into a dedicated client. With a good outbound service you can increase your market reach. But how many people you talk to actually take up your services? With AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION you can also increase your conversion rate, i.e. have a greater number of people spoken to turn into dedicated customers.

A good team and taskforce is also necessary to handle your inbound calls. While it might be hard to get a new customer through telephone, it is all too easy to lose a long time customer, if he or she is constantly reaching the same old message or voice mail. With the right process training and constant monitoring of calls to ensure that the right scripts are followed, your relationship with your client can be deepened.

The advantage of taking AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION services is that you have a ready and working setup of trained professionals at your disposal. With intense training and with adequate experience, they will get you maximum profits and results. This is far more economical than setting up a separate call centre team on your own. Also, we have the entire setup with the latest technological advancements and best business processes already at work!

Your customers will be delighted with our 24/7 services. Knowing that their business is important and that their questions will be answered swiftly and accurately will increase their confidence in your business. It provides a level of transparency that is imperative for all companies these days. Your call services can also be used for promoting and marketing new products and services that your might have to offer. There are multiple benefits, in tying up with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION for your call centre services!