Call Answering Services

Communication is extremely important for any business these days. Potential customers want to know what you have to offer them. Existing customers want to know that their business is in the right hands. Having a pre-recorded message answer the calls of your clients or business associates can alienate them. At the same time, setting up a unit dedicated to answering calls can be time consuming, expensive and exhausting.

At AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION we provide you with the trained staff and ready setup to handle your needs. Our centres operate around the clock and throughout the year. This leaves you with more time for other areas of your business which require your expertise. It is also far more cost effective. Customers and partners will be reassured at the thought that your company can be contacted at all times and that their queries and questions will be answered without delay. You can opt to have your messages passed on to you by email as well as SMS.

If you partner with AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION for your call service needs, you can better utilize your time on increasing efficiency in other parts of your company. You save time and money as you will not have to hire and train people, nor have to invest in an expensive initial setup. Also, with our experience in the field we have already identified the best call service processes to maximize your business potential.

The trained staff we provide you will be briefed about your company, its procedures and any possible queries and questions that they might be asked. Also this service will be available at all times. Our call service people are well mannered, warm and proficient. This personal touch will be appreciated by all who call your company. All processes will be adapted and tested beforehand to ensure that they meet your requirements.

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION will ensure that you get that extra ‘edge’ over your competition. This is done by instituting systems and procedures that handle all contact traffic. Precise scripts are prepared for all calls. The staff will undergo intensive training prior to starting work so as to ensure that all details provided to your callers are accurate.

The software we use is the latest in the field and extremely user-friendly. They also make communication between you and the floor staff seamless. This ensures that any new information that you might wish to pass on to callers, will reach the call staff faster, allowing them to effectively represent your company and its objectives.