B2B and B2C Telemarketing and Telesales services

With B2B telemarketing, you can go to the world with your company services rather than waiting for the world to find you. With this, you can achieve effective sales leads and appointments. This will release the load on your sales team and allow them to focus on closing the sales rather than having to find them. We can also help you locate future leads. Real time leads and appointments are transferred to you right away, so that the sales can be closed at the earliest. We also improve the conversion rates of your calls, more of the people contacted will be clients in the future.

The reason that AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION is so effective is because our team is trained according to your business needs. We understand that a generic call is not going to be enough to convert the listener to a client. So our team acquire knowledge of your company and its products and services. All this is done before any calls are made, so that mistakes are avoided. This knowledge makes all the difference. Our agents project themselves are part of your company rather than outsourced telemarketing service callers. They connect personally with your company and hold themselves responsible for your growth. They understand that the call is their opportunity to deliver and they commit to making that happen.

With B2C telemarketing, you can create an instant connection with the receiver of the call. You do not have to wait for days like after a print campaign to know how the target audience will react. You can gauge the outcome instantly. Also, telemarketing is more personal and can help you reach out to more people in a far more effective manner. This is a sure shot way of selling your products or services, especially if you run an online business.

Also, this method helps in generating more leads than a print, television or radio campaign might. Our team from AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION first understands your company, what it is you are offering and then works out the right method to sell that to the potential customer. Also, using telemarketing you can create a far more effective customer database. Surveys and customer reviews can also be collected this way, giving you ideas on how your business should expand.