Appointment Making and Setting

Most business deals are made face to face, than over a phone. Have you ever been frustrated by all the secretaries and assistants telling you that meeting the boss is not possible? Even if your sales staff are able to contact the big men, are they able to cinch that all important appointment? Do you even have enough data to know who you need to meet, for your business to grow faster?

AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION offers you appointment making and setting services. We use the telephone just like your sales team, but with a different approach. While most services try to sell your products first, we focus on getting that appointment. Then we market your company and your services. Why should this make a difference? Because we focus on what is needed first. The appointment will generate enough opportunity for you to make your presence felt. But that appointment has to be made first.

To be able to get that appointment needs work. It is practically an art form. And we at AIRTECHCOM LEAD GENERATION have perfected it. Not only do we get your appointment for you, but we also use the opportunity to conduct research for more potential clients. This is very good for your company as it provides you with a chance to meet the important people, sooner than later!

We also provide appointment setting. We can convince your client to take time out and talk to you, at a time convenient to you! Our agents have perfected the methods of getting the client’s interest and then building on it so that when he comes to meet you, he is eager to know how to conduct business with you. How do we accomplish this? Not just by letting him know how wonderful your company is, but also how it will be beneficial to him! We let them know that joining up with you is a profitable venture for them!

We also clarify all questions he might have, that are relevant at this point. That way when the client comes to you, there will be no time wasted in answering the minor queries. Also, during this, we will establish whether the potential client is actually worth your time, or is simply looking to waste it. We also deal with all possible objections that the client might have to the appointment. By the time our agents are done with the call, the client will have no objections. In fact he will be looking forward to meeting you!