About Us

We at Airtechcom Lead Generation are a little old-fashioned. We do not believe in rushing into a project blindly. We know that a little research beforehand can go a long way. Our focus is on achievement of your goals and objectives as a company. We understand that every company is looking for sustainable development and needs packages for telemarketing that will help them achieve this.

Our focus is not just on telemarketing, but also on sales, market research, comprehensive databases and effective teams for lead generation and appointments. At every step of the way Airtechcom Lead Generation is committed to ensuring that your business needs are taken care of.

While our approach may seem simplified to some, it ensures clarity and transparency in all communication and action taken. This enables us to handle any situation with greater speed and with solid, positive results. All our B2B and B2C programs are carefully structured and tested. They are first certified by our experts before they are implemented. This adherence to procedure and protocol ensures that error is minimized and efficiency is maximized.

We also believe in providing a stable and reliant support team to our clients. With our provisions for email marketing, a constantly available help desk, live chat support and attentive customer care teams, we ensure that we are available for your business at all times. There is constant monitoring all through so that we can ensure that quality and quantity objectives are met.

Our relationship with our clients:

Airtechcom Lead Generation aims at establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with all our clients. We also understand that different clients have different needs, and thus our programs are individually structured. Extensive and in-depth study is carried out into each clients business and what possible needs they have and that might arise in the future. Our departments and teams are trained beforehand to ensure that the right program is designed for you. Quality checks are also carried on at each stage.

Our focus is on building you a loyal, stable customer base that will stay around for years to come. We also ensure that each new acquisition to your base is consolidated.

Our objectives:

Airtechcom Lead Generation, we promote integrity, quality, transparency and solid results as our motto. We intend to be there for all our clients and all their various and varying needs. Specializing in programs for small businesses, we work at establishing long term relationships with our clients so that we can be there for them even as they grow and their needs change.

Our team:

We understand that a company is built up on the backs of its employees and not profit margins alone. We recruit the very best that the market has to offer and value the skills our members bring to the table. Every person of our team is personally involved in the business and they are all committed to their work and to working together to achieve success.

We promote harmony amongst our team members and the staff on your end. In working together, we achieve the desired targets.